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Why Us?

You won't find more skilled painters or remodelers than us. You won't find better supplies than the ones we use. But that is not what makes us stand apart the most from other Kansas City area painters and contractors. What makes us different is we care about how the "home improvement experience" goes for you. It should not be the nightmare that other local companies and individuals make it.

We have all been through what you are getting ready to deal with. Painting and remodeling can, and will, throw a wrench in your day to day life. We work hard to minimize the inconvience that these type of improvements cause. While we won't be able to go unnoticed, we go out of our way to reduce the strain on you and your family. We are aware that what we are doing is keeping you from having a normal day. 

We show up for bids
We show up for work
We stay out of your way as much as possible
You can always reach one of the two owners
We keep it clean

We already know you'll be amazed with our finished product, but we want you to talk about how we did it too.



  Frank Pileggi:

  Chuck Reid: